Bridge Budapest NGO

We co-founded Bridge Budapest in 2016 with six other startup founders to build an ethical and inspiring entrepreneurial culture in Hungary. Peter Arvai is the chair of the association, and Veronika Pistyur the CEO.

Kitchen Budapest Innovation Lab

In 2006 I co-founded Kitchen Budapest, an innovation lab for Hungarian Telekom (subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom), and led it as program director until 2008. 

Anita designed the interior of the lab.

It has been an extremely thriving institution. I am especially proud of the strong collaborative culture and novel work methods which fostered teaming and innovation.

Budapest School

Budapest School is a truly revolutionary school network for elementary education. We participated in the initial founding and are proud shareholders. 

Anita designed the first physical school for BPS.

The project is led be Peter Halacsy

Early concept work

Buying an Ambulance

One of my most memorable charity projects have been raising money for an ambulance car during the 2015 refugee crisis in Hungary for the volunteer doctor's group Medical Aid.