I am passionate about creating digital products that bring out the creativity from everyone.
I have been honored by having over a 150 million people using these products.


Prezi enables anyone to create creative and spatial stories for their presentations. More then 150 million people have used it since its release in 2008. Today we have a 300 people company with offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Budapest and Riga.

We started the company together with Peter Arvai (CEO) and Peter Halacsy (CTO) with their drive to build a global startup and my experience in how to present in more engaging and fun ways. Together we built one the most globally recognized brands originating from Hungary

Today the fantastic Jim Szafranski is CEO of Prezi and I work on innovation.

Here is an example presentation I made in 2007 to show our art projects. This format of zooming around on a map of ideas and responding to audience questions led to the start of Prezi. These early versions were hand-coded each, so you had to change the code to change anything in them.

I got interested in creating spatial websites and information spaces in 2000 while doing websites with Peter Sandor Nagy

Today Prezi enables anyone to create such presentations.

Since then uncountable number of amazing prezis have been made by people around the world. 

See a great selection at and

Prezi Video and Prezi A.R.

I have always been interested in, and experimenting with augmented reality, even as a young artists. 

At Prezi we have been looking into ways to bring similar experiences to widely available devices people have today. 

This led to Prezi A.R. first, as seen on TED below, and in 2019 to the release of Prezi Video, which proved to be a fantastic tool to help teachers and students as well as teammates stay more connected during the lockdown months of 2020 and 21.

In 2021 January, about a year after its launch, prezi video reached 1 million users. 


Nuthsell was an iOS app that made it very simple to create short A.R. like stories using your phone. Take 3 pictures of the most interesting things around you, add comments / animations, and share it as a video.

We did this before ARKit, so we had to code all the spatial mapping ourselves :)