Science projects

Speed of sound test using a whip (2024)

Measured slow mo frames

Sonic boom moment

Duck tape whip after testing

I made a whip from rope, wood, and duct tape. I filmed its crack to measure its speed. I measured the pixels on each frame from the end of the whip to the bottom left corner of the image. Using the Pythagorean theorem, I measured the actual change in pixels. I subtracted the coordinates from the following ones, thus obtaining the speed per frame. Since I knew the length of the whip's end and the camera's fps (frames per second), I was able to calculate the whip's speed in meters per second. According to the measurements, the maximum speed reached was 182 m/s, or 655 km/h. But the sonic boom (343  m/s) was audible, so we probably had some measurement inaccuracy.

This project was made for our phyisics class at Budapest School - High School  - grade 9

m/s diagram of tip


Spaghetti bridge competition (2024, 1st prize)

We had to build a bridge from 500 grams of spaghetti to span 60cm. 

The other team's bridges could carry 0.5, 2, 4 Kgs, our teachers bridge 5Kg. Our's won with 15Kgs, and also in the other catogories of weight to load ratio of 470g/15Kg and a vote on how nice the bridges look.

This project was made for our project week at Budapest School - High School  - grade 9

Break moment at 15Kgs

Simulation in Bridge builder

Simulation in Bridge builder